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Sydney, Australia


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I have experience of most types of 3d work. I've provided models, drawn textures, animations, character animations, dynamics effects, particle effects and motion graphics for both contract or freelance work. I'm an expert in Lightwave, but I am also experienced in Maya, having used it at Team17 working on games for 10 years. I've done 2d as well as 3d animation, including working on the Broken Sword series for Revolution among other things. I completed a degree in Maths and Computer Science at the University of York, UK, and have written my own addons for Lightwave and Moho in Lscript, Python, and Lua. I am very easy going and friendly to work with.

Packages known

3d: Lghtwave, Maya, Cinema 4D
2d: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3d coat, Moho


3D Visualiser | Advantage Line

2011 – 2020
After completing several freelance periods for the company, they asked me to join them full time.
Duties include:
• Working with the design team to create either photo-realistic stills, animations or, more recently, Unreal 4 engine layouts of the companies point-of-sale displays, which go from counter-top, all the way up to complete store renovations.
• Either modelling the displays from scratch, or converting and surfacing industrially-designed CAD files.
• Modelling product sent from the client, or from photos, to a high standard.
• Matching planograms precisely, both in product and colour chips in some cases.
• Rendering displays photo-realistically, and matching perspectives to store photos and lighting them and compositing them to give an impression of the final look in store.
• Creating graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator, printing and mounting them, and also renders for presentations for clients.
• Consult with clients to ascertain their needs and alter final renders to suit.
• Creating animations of displays being assembled or switching between different configurations to illustrate the capabilities of the units.
• Animating walkthroughs of fully modelled stores to illustrate the customer experience.
• Working to project schedules and communicating updates with management.

3D Artist | Animated Biomedical

2009 I was contracted to work on a series of educational medical animations for an Australian Government project called IBERA to increase health awareness throughout the general public.
Duties included:
• Modelling and texturing anatomical organs. Each organ was rigged and animated to show the physical processes within the body using Lightwave and Photoshop.
• Redesigning their render pipeline to be simpler and more controllable.
• Compositing shots together in After Effects.
• Taking direction from their medical advisor for alterations.

Artist/Animator | Freelance

Upon arriving in Australia, I focused on my freelance work. I have collaborated with a variety of companies, both here and in the UK on many different styles of projects, in 2D, usually using Moho but sometimes Flash, and in 3D using Lightwave and Cinema 4D. These include:
• Children’s educational videos, museum information videos.
• Commercials, website graphics, TV series proposals.
• I would often work to tight deadlines, sometimes with pre-bought assets
• Modelling characters and other items to a client’s design, or designing characters for them.
• Creating different stylized looks for projects.
• Animating characters and other items.

Artist/Animator | Team 17

1996-2007 I joined Team 17 initially as an animator, but widening to providing a variety of skills using both Lightwave and then Maya, with Photoshop for texturing. I provided assets for a variety of game engines on differing platforms, including Amiga, PC, Playstations, and X-boxes.
My duties included:
• Modelling and texturing characters, props and backgrounds.
• Designing characters and other items including the PSP Lemming.
• Drawing illustrations for use in-game and for publicity.
• Animating characters, props and other items.
• Creating surfacing, particle, and special effects, front end graphics, and transitions for the Unreal 3 engine and others.
• Creating and implementing FMV segments for use in-game.

Games worked on include:

Worms World Party, Worms Armageddon, Worms Blast, Worms 3d, Worms 4 Mayhem, Leisure Suit Larry: Uncut, Lemmings PSP

2D Animator | Revolution Software

1996 I worked as a contractor on the 2D point-and-click adventures Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars and Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror. Duties included: • Animating various characters, including the lead, to talk, perform various actions and interact with the background. Brilliance on the Amiga was used for export to the PC.


Bsc Degree Mathematics & Computer Science from University Of York UK.

A levels:

A grade Mathematics, General Studies
B grade Physics, Chemistry


A grade Mathematics, English, Science, Further Science, French, Computer Studies. B grade English Literature, Geography.


Reading, drawing, science, science fiction/fantasy, films, escape rooms, computer games, far too many to list! I also received a special commendation in the James White Science-fiction short story awards in 2001!