Anime Studio/Moho to Lightwave Importer
This is my Anime Studio/Moho .anme/.moho file importer for LightWave. It tries to import a lot of the settings, there are some I haven't gotten around to supporting as yet, and some which have no analogue in LightWave. If you'd like to see a feature included email me at my address on the contact page, the more requests I get, the more likely it is to get done. This is very much a work in progress, so don't sue me if it all goes wrong!
It contains 4 files. Here is a list of things supported in the importer so far.
Anime Studio Feature Lightwave Support as:
Render Image name Render image name (optional)
Render Anim name Render Anim name (optional)
Render resolution Camera Resolution (optional)
Render Range Render range (optional)
Background colour Background Colour
Camera Motion Camera Motion
Camera Zoom My visual approximation of camera zoom.
Layers Each layer is either a null object or a
layer from the mesh. Layers are parented and
animated like the AS Layers.
Names Either the null name, or the mesh name
Origin Either the null or mesh pivot.
Parent Bone The null/mesh is parented to the correct bone
Visible Scales the null/mesh to < 0,0,0> to hide the layer
Render only Hides the null or mesh in scene.
Editor only Turns on 'Unseen by camera'
Scale Compensation Not supported
Rotate to follow path Not supported
Scale Compensation Not supported
Face Camera Layer always faces the camera
Masking Mode Not supported
Blend Mode Not supported
Camera Immune Not supported
DOF Immune Not supported
Transforms Null/mesh translation/rotation/scale
Flipping Creates envelopes which are read by a motion plugin and
used to scale the layers in the x/y
Opacity Null/mesh dissolve envelope
Layer Types
Shape Mesh. Makes the curves into LW curves with smooth or sharp corners only,
no semi-smooth corners as LW does not support them.
Image A subdivided plane set as a Sub-d object with
the image applied
Group A null object
Bone Layers A null with LightWave bones
Switch Layers Scales child layers to < 0,0,0> to hide layers,
also with LightWave bones if they exist in this layer.
switch morphs are not yet supported.
Particles A null, otherwise unsupported
Note A null, otherwise unsupported
Mesh3d A null, otherwise unsupported
Mesh Support
Points Converted to vertices
Curves A curve is converted to a series of LW curves, broken where
the curve sharpness is above a certain threshold
Groups Vertex selection sets
Shape Support
Shape The LW curves can be frozen to make a mesh.
This can be optionally tripled
Importer tries to assign the correct surface to the right curves,
but due to the way AS handles this, this may not alway
be possible
Style/Shape attributes Converted to LW Surfaces
Colour Colour (animated colour not supported yet)
Alpha Transparency (animated transparency not supported yet)