Mike Green

Sydney, Australia

I have experience of most types of 3d work. I've provided models, textures, animations, character animations, dynamics effects, particle effects and motion graphics either for contract or freelance. I'm an expert in Lightwave, but I am also experienced in Maya as this was our main package where I worked for 10 years in games. I've done 2d as well as 3d animation. I did a degree in Maths and Computer Science at the University of York, UK, and have a tendency to write my own scripts for Lightwave to add features. I am very easy going and friendly to work with.

Packages known
3d coat (personal copy)
Lightwave (personal copy)
Zbrush3 (personal copy)
Imagine (personal copy)

Adobe Photoshop
Anime Studio 5
Adobe AfterFX
Eyeon DFX+4 (personal copy)
Speededit (personal copy)
Brilliance (personal copy)

Freelance in Sydney

I've recently been working for a vegetarian burger manufacturer, providing him with an animation and visuals for his web site, 3d animated and rendered in a cartoon style.
I have produced animations and visualisations of innovative shelf and shop designs as well as products both for shop filling and photo real close ups. The clients included Woolworths, Revlon, Yamaha, Kimberly-Clark and Pet Life. I've also provided themed transition animations for convertion to DVEs. In character animation, I've provided rigged characters for other content companies use.

I spent 5 months providing medical animations for a Sydney company used by the Australian Government. I was initially hired to provide camera moves and composite in After Effects, but my skills allowed them to extend my responsibilities to building organs, texturing and animating them realistically, and providing particle and other effects for complex animations. I also used my extensive knowledge of LightWave to streamline their render pipeline, so that shots could be turned around quicker, with more customisability, and provided them with useful Lscripts to speed production. I was originally contracted for 4 months, but they asked me to stay another month to project completion.

In 2d I worked with Liquid Studios to provide a series of animations directed at children to encourage safe behaviour. The animations involved a variety of situations ending in somewhat macabre ways for the children, with alternate safe endings. The client was happy enough with the results that they commissioned a second piece to promote Walking buses, a safe way for kids to get to school. This work was carried out in Sydney, collaborating over the internet with Liquid and the client.

Fly me to the moon
This was a freelance job providing a stage play with a 2d animated version of the main character in the play. The play was set in a space station, about two astronauts who are very bored and have an argument. One astronaut was played by the writer, whilst the other was seen through a 'window' and was lipsynced to a recording of the actress so that she could converse with herself. The total animation was about 12 minutes long, and I employed Daz mimic for Lightwave to do the bulk of the lip sync as well as touching up. The highlight of the piece was an exploding cartoon cat, using dynamics.

This consisted of freelance work on a short film about 3 women using a new Amazobra. The bulk of the animation was 2d done in Anime Studio. I provided some of that, and also wrote an importer from AS to Lightwave so that 3d elements could be incorporated into the animation seamlessly. The bras were all 3d, rendered as 2d elements to match, but using 3d features such as perspective and soft body dynamics.

This was a short freelance work providing motion graphics for Mojo's (an award winning pub in Leeds UK) tenth anniversary.

Team17 Ossett Leeds.
I worked at Team17 in Ossett, Leeds for many years. I had various roles including character animation, building, design, texturing, and effects.

Leisure Suit Larry
This used the Unreal 3 based engine. I created buildings and vehicles with texturing. I created the large majority of material and particle special effects for this game including (but not limited to) fireworks, water-based, electrical and fire-based effects, wipes and post process effects

Lemmings PSP
I provided a variety of particle and other effects using the custom built editor. I also redesigned the Lemming for publicity pictures.

Worms 4 Mayhem
I designed and built weapons, textured them and provided animation, character clothes design, and special effects.

Worms 3d
I was responsible for weapon design, building them and also animation, background textures, special effects and background objects.

Worms Blast
I built and animated characters and provided promotional art, both 3d high resolution and 2d cartoony.

Little Rubber Ninjas
I provided a series of character designs.

Worms Armageddon
I provided all new FMV sequences, including cartoon character animation, and set and prop design, building and texturing.

Worms World Party
I provided some background art.

I animated some characters and aliens for FMV sequences, which had to match motion capture.
I also was responsible for some space ship design, building and texturing.

PIG(formerly Fun Dazzle Magic Land) (discontinued)
I provided all the character design, building, texturing and animation

Allegiance (discontinued)
I provided all character animation of game poly humans.

I spent 3 months at Revolution Studios in York,UK working on 2d character animation(including the lead character) for Broken Sword.


Bsc Degree Mathematics & Computer Science from University Of York UK.

A levels:
A grade Mathematics, General Studies
B grade Physics, Chemistry

A grade Mathematics, English, Science, Further Science, French,  Computer Studies.
B grade English Literature, Geography
Interests: Reading, drawing, science, science fiction/fantasy, films, archery, all sorts really.